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In 2012, when we first started out, our dream, was to put a camera up in the sky. From what we could see, the technology was coming, and the possibilities of camera tracking your subject from any angle were endless. The lines and perspectives that drone aerial cinematography would create, would surely change the realms of what was soon to become the new age of film. Like any good new thing there are always going to be issues, and no lies we had our fair share at the beginning. We customized and redesigned our rigs to fit with the latest advances in technology and always strived to keep ourselves at the forefront of the drone scene.

Over the years we have flown thousands of drone hours all over the world, with a number of different drones. We’ve worked for a huge range of clients from travel groups, documentaries, extreme sports, all the way through to high end cinema.

In this futuristic age of technology, flying a drone on set, and grabbing a quick aerial shot for a scene is fast becoming what is now essentially considered to be consumer level, and in some situations it is believed that pretty much anyone can do the job given the increase of drones in the public domain.

As a creative and pilot, thinking beyond the realms of the normal, and striving to provide clients with the most dynamic and creative shots in the given environment is our specialty.

Risk assessment is the key to safe flying, all factors are taken into consieration. This allows a secure flight path with any given situation and any required camera move.

“It’s only when you set up a complicated shot, in a confined environment, that you will really see the capabilities of what we can do with our drone” – James Keith


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Striving to provide our clients with the most professional drone service money can buy,
always pursueing the creative limits of what's possible,
with any shot, in any environment.


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